Hey there! I'm Erick Donoghue, thanks for stopping by!

Welcome to the world through my eyes. Navigating my site you may notice there is not a consistent theme or "niche" among my work.

This is intentional.

Everyone is an individual...therefore I photograph everyone like an individual. Becoming a skilled photographer and video creator has given me the unparalleled opportunity to be immersed in so many different peoples lives. My element, is to capture creative minds in their own unique environment. This visual media of capturing time and space has allowed me to capture everything from a newborn baby to the tops of extreme mountain summits.

I am extremely passionate about my work and adapting my skill sets to nurture the needs of each individual client. Lets be unique, creative and individualistic.

Lets capture what makes you stand out from the world.



““Erick is the best photographer I have ever worked with. Throughout the entire shoot he made me feel not only super confident but comfortable as well.
On my social media, people are AMAZED by the quality of the photos he’s taken. He adds special lighting and editing to all of the photos which is incredible!
He’s so talented and a pleasure to work with. I’m so thankful to know and work with such a talented individual!!”

-Emma Blair, Business Owner / Pastry Chef / Influencer”